old navy weekly coupon codes

Old Navy Weekly updated once again today, giving us new coupons to use for this week.  These coupons are valid from Friday March 5th – Thurs March 11th.  These coupons can only be used in store, but always make for some nice, extra savings!  Make sure to check out Old  Navy’s Item of the Week, too – 3/4 sleeve cardigans for just $10.

Here are all of the coupon locations:

$50 off $100 {gone}- Click on the yellow shirt, then the jeans below (close out the $10/50), then click on Kelly. Stars will appear & click on the stars. This one is already gone!!!

$15 off $75 – Click on Amy’s face (first circle -top right) and then Kelly’s face (3rd circle)

$10 off $50 – Click on the yellow v-neck shirt & any pair of jeans

$5 off $25 – Click on red/white striped shirt, jeans below, then the red striped shirt, then Eva’s face (large circle)

15% off – Click the blue striped shirt, then the jeans below (close out the 10% off), then click on Amy’s face (large circle)

10% off – Click on blue-striped shirt & the jeans below.

You’ll also notice a message on the Old Navy Weekly site -it looks like they’ve finally decided to stop Old Navy Weekly on April 1st.  So, they will no longer have this coupon-hunting site (it says they’re moving??)…however, they said there will still be opportunities for coupons and this time they’ll be coming to you.  Wonder what this means? You can check out the M80 newsroom for more details!


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